Getting there

Hotel - Gasthof Alte Post
Marktplatz 10a
83607 Holzkirchen

Telephone: 0049 (0)8024-3005-0
Telefax: 0049 (0)8024-3005-555

Taxi / Transfer

Taxi Schmid 0049 (0)8024-2222

Taxi Wengerter 0049 (0)08024-2514

Taxi Feckl 0049 (0)8024-7826

Airport- & Limousine Service 0043 (0)664-5001213

Road directions:

If you leave the motorway, turn off the road B318 in the direction of Holzkirchen and drive straight to the centre of Holzkirchen.
The "Alte Post" is situated in the centre - directly at the marketplace.

If you are travelling by car, you are welcome to use our free parking area located at the hotel's rear side - Thanner Straße.

Public transportation: