Historie & Tradition

A warm welcome at the Alte Post!

Treten Sie ein! Wir freuen uns, Sie in unserem traditionsreichen Hotel-Gasthof, der einstigen königlich bayerischen Posthaltung in Holzkirchen empfangen zu dürfen.

Mit viel Gefühl für die Seele dieses Hauses und sicherem Gespür für die Bedürfnisse unserer Gäste, sorgen wir nun bereits schon in der 4. Generation für eine gelungene Mischung aus Geschichte und Moderne.

Genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt bei zeitgemäßem Komfort in einem Haus, das Ihnen viel zu seinem, über 400 jährigem Bestehen zu erzählen hat.



The first known owner of today’s “Alte Post” was Balthasar Mayr in the year 1674.
He was a brewer, businessman and head of the community.
After him the house passed through several hands over the years.

In 1751, Anton Grasberger was mentioned as owner of the house “Bauernbräu”.

Hotel 1751
Hotel 1751
Hotel present day
Hotel present day

In 1796, Jacob Holfeld purchased the house and was appointed royal postmaster in 1812. His son Johann renamed the “Bauernbräu” to “Postbräu” in 1827. Joseph Steingraber from Höhenkirchen bought the “Postbräu“ in 1865; however, he died one year after his purchase. His widow married the brewmaster of Valley, Gabriel Moser I, who became postmaster in Holzkirchen. On behalf of His Majesty the King, he was officially given the position of an operater of the postal stables in 1867.

Agriculturist Gabriel Moser I was mayor of Holzkirchen from 1900 until 1906. When in 1893 a new post office for the centre was established at the “Bauwirt”, the “Brauwirt” became the “Neue Post” and Gabriel Moser renamed the “Postbräu” “Alte Post”.

In 1910, son Gabriel Moser II took over the “Alte Post”, and in 1920, he transferred the farm to his son Gabriel III. A few years later, the brewery was leased to the the newly founded brewery cooperative Brauereigenossenschaft Holzkirchen. 

Hotel 1958
Hotel 1958
Hotel 1959
Hotel 1959

His brother-in-law Otto Hieber and his wife Ursula (née Moser) ran the restaurant with its butchery for half a century. The couple Hieber made the “Alte Post” known and loved beyond the Bavarian borders.

In 1974, son Hermann Hieber took over the house together with his wife Carola (née Hefele).
Under their guidance, the new hotel building was constructed in 1982.

Since 1997 daughter Gabriele Falke and her husband Udo take great care of their guests.

By way of an old bill and menu, we want to share the history which is still alive in the "Alte Post" with you.
Click on one of the documents to get an enlarged view of it.

Old Bill

A bill from the year 1967 for 
Granny Elsbeth, Mum Helga
and Dad Heiner.

Old Menus

These menu are from the 1980ies. They were tipped on a typewriter and, of course, the currency was still the Deutsche Mark (DM).